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Robotic Demolition is the perfect choice for demolition contractors when access by heavy equipment is limited or impossible. Robotic Demolition increases production and keeps employees safe from falling debris when demolishing filled block and concrete walls or suspended concrete structures. Our demolition robots operate on 3 phase electric power so there is no exhaust emissions  to worry about. They also can climb stairs and fit through doorways as narrow as 32 inches to access those areas off limits to other heavy equipment. Every machine is equipped with a water dust suppression system to reduce the exposure to crystalline silica dust when performing demolition of concrete wall, floors, or other concrete structures. For job sites where noise is an issue during concrete demolition we can utilize a concrete crushing attachment to minimize noise disruption of surrounding areas. Our robots are not just limited to demolition, they can perform interior excavation and aid in clean up of debris as well. 

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Robotic Demolition